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This hypertext reference shows the HTML 2.0 Strict hypertext markup language. The links below show the elements defined in this language. Each page of information shows the element's purpose, description, start and end tags, attributes, allowable content, other elements in which it is referenced, and an example use where available.

A: anchor for hypertext link
ADDRESS: address, signature, or byline
B: bold text
BASE: base context document
BLOCKQUOTE: quoted passage
BODY: document body
BR: line break
CITE: name or title of cited work
CODE: source (computer) code
DD: definition of term
DIR: directory list
DL: definition list or glossary
DT: term in definition list
EM: emphasized phrase
FORM: fill-out or data-entry form
H1: primary heading
H2: secondary heading
H3: third-level heading
H4: fourth-level heading
H5: fifth-level heading
H6: sixth-level heading
HEAD: document head
HR: horizontal rule
HTML: HTML document outer container
I: italic text
IMG: image; photo, icon, glyph, or illustration
INPUT: form input datum
ISINDEX: document is a searchable index
KBD: keyboard phrase (user input)
LI: list item
LINK: link from this document
MENU: menu list
META: generic meta-information about the document
OL: ordered list
OPTION: a selection option
P: paragraph
PRE: preformatted text
SAMP: sample text or characters
SELECT: selection of option(s)
STRONG: strong emphasis
TEXTAREA: an area for text input
TITLE: title of document
TT: typewriter text
UL: unordered list
VAR: variable phrase or substitute
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