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U.S. Metric Association (USMA), Inc.
Founded in 1916, this is a non-profit organization that advocates United States conversion to the International System of Units. Their Web site includes many links to products and services of the organization, SI information for the public as well as educators, and links to other SI sites.
How many meters in a furlong? How many pecks in a liter? Just how much in a US gallon? A UK gallon? This free software utlity from Josh Madison gives you an easy way to convert from archaic systems of measurement to SI units.
The International System of Units (SI)
This is a guide for teachers, students, and professionals to learn about SI. It is excerpted from Metric in Minutes: The Comprehensive Resource for Learning the Metric System (SI) by Dennis Brownridge. This guide walks you through the SI system, including a discussion of why it is advantageous.
Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM)
This is the official site of the international organization responsible for world-wide uniformity of measurements in the International System of Units. Its English name is International Bureau of Weights and Measures. BIPM works under the authority of the "Convention of the Metre," a treaty signed by forty-eight nations in Paris in 1875. Provided in English and French, this site guides you through the organizations and committees involved in this work. The site includes links to many scientific facts about the SI system as well as physical constants.
Metrology - the SI system
This site at the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute provides a very comprehrensive, scientific discussion of the principles of the SI system and the relationship among the base and derived units.

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