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SI Base Units (Source: Bureau International des Poids et Mesures)
Symbol Unit Name Measures
m meter length
s second time
kg kilogram mass
K kelvin temperature
A ampere current
mol mole number of particles
cd candela luminous intensity

Units Derived From the SI Base Units
Symbol Unit Name Measures Definition
°C degree Celsius temperature K - 273.15
L liter volume a cube 0.1 m on a side
N newton force kg * m / s2
J joule energy N * m
W watt power J/s
Pa pascal pressure N/m2
Hz hertz frequency 1/s
C coulomb charge A * s
V volt potential J/C = W/A
omega ohm resistance V/A
ha hectare area a square 100 m on a side
rad radian plane angle 1/(2pi) of a circle
sr steradian solid angle 1/(4pi) of a sphere
S siemens conductance 1/omega = A/V
F farad capacitance C/V
Wb weber magnetic flux V * s
T tesla magnetic flux density Wb/m2
H henry inductance Wb/A
lm lumen luminous flux cd * sr
lx lux illuminance (illumination) lm/m2
Bq becquerel radioactivity 1/s (decays per second)
Gy gray absorbed dose J/kg (of body mass)
Sv sievert dose equivalent Gy·Q·N (Q = quality factor)
kat katal catalytic activity mol/s

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