Code Box: codes, symbols, entities used in HTML work

The Code Box at HTML Station

These pages present reference information about codes used in HTML and Web work.
Hexadecimal ASCII CODE. The number systems (hexadecimal, octal, and decimal) each in a table by themselves.
All-in-one table showing ASCII Codes. Decimal (DEC), Hexadecimal (HX), and Octal (OCT) codes for ASCII Symbols (Sym) all in one table.
Shows the Decimal (DEC) and Hexadecimal (HX) number equivalents in a table, from 0 to 255 Decimal (0 to FF Hexadecimal)
Greek letters used in math, technical, sororities, and fraternities (HTML entities), capital and lowercase. Examples: Θ Λ Ξ Δ Ε Σ θ λ ξ δ ε σ
Latin letters and some special symbols (HTML entities), capital and lowercase. Examples: Æ è ñ ç ñ Symbols include: ® © ¢ £ ¥ (Note € is in the Math & Special page.)
Math & Special
Mathematical, Symbolic, and Special character entities for HTML. Includes commonly-sought symbols: ™ € Other examples: √ ∞ ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ ≈ ∞ Note: many of these are not supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer browser.
HTML Numeric
Numeric (decimal) codes for HTML entities. Includes numeric form of many of the Latin-1 entities plus others. Examples: £ © ¶
URL Escape
When encoding a URL, a character may not be available on the keyboard. Other times, the character of a URL might not be usable in contexts where it may conflict with a reserved character. In either case, the character can be encoded with a % followed by its ASCII hexadecimal equivalent code.
Shows top-level domain names in alphabetical order by abbreviation. A Top-Level Domain (TLD) name is the rightmost set of characters following the rightmost "dot" in the unique name by which a computer is known on the Internet.
Shows general syntax of Uniform Resource Locator.
Variable names and descriptions used in Common Gateway Interface (CGI) programming.
HTTP stat
Status codes for HTTP page retrieval
Multimedia Email Extensions (MIME) define the types of media that are used on the Internet
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