0891348573The Designer's Guide to Color Combinations: 500+ Historic and Modern Color Formulas in CMYK
by Leslie Cabarga
Provides illustrations of color use with CMYK formulas of historic periods, including Art Deco, Victorian, Sixties, etc.
0811839893The New Color Book: 45,000 Color Combinations for Your Home
by Emma Clegg
Palettes for home decorating.
0935603069Color Harmony: A Guide to Creative Color Combinations
by Hideaki Chijiiwa
Covers introduction to color theory and color cards of the basic colors.
1564968375Color Harmony Workbook: A Workbook and Guide to Creative Color Combinations
by Lesa Sawahata
A practical, visual guide that takes the guesswork out of choosing and using color combinations.
0883622335Understanding Digital Color
by Phil Green
Has an extensive online suppport site with references to information sources about digital color.
1581802366Color Index
by Jim Krause
Over 1100 Color Combinations, CMYK and RGB Formulas, for Print and Web Media
1592530893Color Graphics
by Karen Triedman
Insights about the role of color in design work.
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