Color Spot Tables: tables of color swatches and color codes used in HTML and CSS

Color Hex Stepper

You can mix your own color charts using the Color Hex Stepper tool on this page. Instructions are at the bottom of this page. The Color Hex Stepper creates a chart of color swatches arranged in rows and columns based the origin swatch in the lower left corner of the chart and the horizontal and vertical hex increments.

Color Hex Stepper Instructions

Color Hex Stepper Implementation

The Color Hex Stepper is implemented in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG). To use the Color Hex Stepper, you need a SVG viewer. If you can't see a color tool on this page, install this free SVG viewer from Adobe. If installed and if your browser recognizes the EMBED element, your viewer will show the tool after a few moments (up to three or four seconds). The Color Hex Stepper also uses an ECMA script. If the controls do not do anything, you'll need to allow scripts to execute on this page in your Web browser. Still having problems using this? Please let me know.

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