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Greek Character Entities for HTML

ΑΑcapital alpha
ΒΒcapital beta
ΓΓcapital gamma
ΔΔcapital delta
ΕΕcapital epsilon
ΖΖcapital zeta
ΗΗcapital eta
ΘΘcapital theta
ΙΙcapital iota
ΚΚcapital kappa
ΛΛcapital lambda
ΜΜcapital mu
ΝΝcapital nu
ΞΞcapital xi
ΟΟcapital omicron
ΠΠcapital pi
ΡΡcapital rho
there is no Sigmaf
ΣΣcapital sigma
ΤΤcapital tau
ΥΥcapital upsilon
ΦΦcapital phi
ΧΧcapital chi
ΨΨcapital psi
ΩΩcapital omega
ααsmall alpha
ββsmall beta
γγsmall gamma
δδsmall delta
εεsmall epsilon
ζζsmall zeta
ηηsmall eta
θθsmall theta
ιιsmall iota
κκsmall kappa
λλsmall lambda
μμsmall mu
ννsmall nu
ξξsmall xi
οοsmall omicron
ππsmall pi
ρρsmall rho
ςςsmall final sigma
σσsmall sigma
ττsmall tau
υυsmall upsilon
φφsmall phi
χχsmall chi
ψψsmall psi
ωωsmall omega
ϑϑsmall theta symbol
ϒϒupsilon with hook symbol
ϖϖpi symbol

Portions International Organization for Standardization 1986: Permission to copy in any form is granted for use with conforming SGML systems and applications as defined in ISO 8879, provided this notice is included in all copies.

Reference: Character entity references in HTML 4

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