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Mathematical, Symbolic, and Special characters for HTML

Note that not all browsers display all these symbols. Mozilla displays all of them. Microsoft Internet Explorer displays only some.

Latin Extended-B

ƒƒlatin small f with hook = function = florin

General Punctuation

•bullet = black small circle
…horizontal ellipsis = three dot leader
′prime = minutes = feet
″double prime = seconds = inches
‾overline = spacing overscore
⁄fraction slash

Letterlike Symbols

℘script capital P = power set = Weierstrass p
ℑblackletter capital I = imaginary part
ℜblackletter capital R = real part symbol
™trade mark sign
ℵalef symbol = first transfinite cardinal


←leftwards arrow
↑upwards arrow
→rightwards arrow
↓downwards arrow
↔left right arrow
↵downwards arrow with corner leftwards = carriage return
⇐leftwards double arrow
⇑upwards double arrow
⇒rightwards double arrow
⇓downwards double arrow
⇔left right double arrow

Mathematical Operators

∀for all
∂partial differential
∃there exists
∅empty set = null set = diameter
∇nabla = backward difference
∈element of
∉not an element of
∋contains as member
∏n-ary product = product sign
∑n-ary sumation
−minus sign
∗asterisk operator
√square root = radical sign
∝proportional to
∧logical and = wedge
∨logical or = vee
∩intersection = cap
∪union = cup
∼tilde operator = varies with = similar to
≅approximately equal to
≈almost equal to = asymptotic to
≠not equal to
≡identical to
≤less-than or equal to
≥greater-than or equal to
⊂subset of
⊃superset of
⊄not a subset of
⊆subset of or equal to
⊇superset of or equal to
⊕circled plus = direct sum
⊗circled times = vector product
⊥up tack = orthogonal to = perpendicular
⋅dot operator

Miscellaneous Technical

⌈left ceiling = apl upstile
⌉right ceiling
⌊left floor = apl downstile
⌋right floor
⟨left-pointing angle bracket = bra
⟩right-pointing angle bracket = ket

Geometric Shapes


Miscellaneous Symbols

♠black spade suit
♣black club suit = shamrock
♥black heart suit = valentine
♦black diamond suit

C0 Controls and Basic Latin

""quotation mark = APL quote
<&lt;less-than sign
>&gt;greater-than sign

Latin Extended-A

Œ&OElig;latin capital ligature OE
œ&oelig;latin small ligature oe
Š&Scaron;latin capital letter S with caron
š&scaron;latin small letter s with caron
Ÿ&Yuml;latin capital letter Y with diaeresis

Spacing Modifier Letters

ˆ&circ;modifier letter circumflex accent
˜&tilde;small tilde

General Punctuation

&ensp;en space
&emsp;em space
&thinsp;thin space
&zwnj;zero width non-joiner
&zwj;zero width joiner
&lrm;left-to-right mark
&rlm;right-to-left mark
&ndash;en dash
&mdash;em dash
&lsquo;left single quotation mark
&rsquo;right single quotation mark
&sbquo;single low-9 quotation mark
&ldquo;left double quotation mark
&rdquo;right double quotation mark
&bdquo;double low-9 quotation mark
&Dagger;double dagger
&permil;per mille sign
&lsaquo;single left-pointing angle quotation mark
lsaquo is proposed but not yet ISO standardized
&rsaquo;single right-pointing angle quotation mark
rsaquo is proposed but not yet ISO standardized
&euro;euro sign

Portions International Organization for Standardization 1986: Permission to copy in any form is granted for use with conforming SGML systems and applications as defined in ISO 8879, provided this notice is included in all copies.

Reference: Character entity references in HTML 4

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