Although implementing webs has been an activity that people have been doing for more than a decade, there still relatively few tools which address the unique challenges of developing hypermedia content. There's a wide variety of HTML editors that can help you put together a single page or a set of hypertext pages. These tools can be useful for beginners or for people who don't have very many web pages to maintain.

In HTML implementation, you'll only get so far if you use primitive tools and techniques. Hand-crafting HTML pages works well for webs with a few pages; once you develop a more sophisticated site, you'll need more sophisticated techniques. I'll describe two techniques that don't rely on any particular HTML tool (however, some HTML tools use these same techniques).

The first technique is fairly simple and has been around since probably the first programmer ever touched a text editor: creating webs with templates. Despite the relative lack of sophistication involved in this technique, it can nonetheless be a fairly powerful way to quickly implement simple webs.

The second technique, involves generating web pages based scripts and head and foot templates with parameters. This technique is more powerful, yet it requires just a simple scripting language to implement.

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