Creating Web Documents

Validating a Web Document

You can detect and diagnose HTML syntax errors in your document by using a validator. First, make sure you have an appropriate DOCTYPE statement (and, optionally, a character encoding statement) in your document. Then:

  1. Go the the Web page
  2. Enter the URL of your assignment in the box which is labeled URL:
  3. Make sure that the checkbox for "show input" (second checkbox below the URL: box) is checked
  4. Click on "Validate it!"
  5. Fix the syntax errors you have. A good idea is to start with the first error that you have, fix it, and then re-validate. Repeat until you have no syntax errors.
  6. If you want, you can use the Tidy service to help you. See The HTML Toolbox under "Utilities." Tidy can help you diagnose HTML syntax errors, but it is not a validator. Any output you get from Tidy should be run through the validator again.
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