Creating Web Documents
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John December
This course is not being offered at this time.
Office hours: Will be set first week of class.
  1. Course Overview
  2. Getting Started
  3. Hello World
  4. Containers
  5. Basic HTML
  6. Standard HTML
  7. Images
  8. Tables
  9. More Tables
  10. Hypertext Techniques
  11. File permissions
  12. Enrichment Topics:
  1. Read these tips.
  2. Setup your student Web space.
  3. Learn the vi editor or an alternate means to do your editing
  4. Learn how to validate.
  5. Do the assignments:
  6. Seek help about your computer account from UWM I&MT.
  7. Seek help about the course via email as described on the Asking Questions page.
  8. Seek help from me in person during office hours or before, during, or after class; I can also go to a computer lab with you to help you.
  9. Make use of the links on the navigation bar on any page of these lessons: HTML Station, Tutor, Demo, Specs, Techs, Books

  1. Course Announcements:
    If you did not get a receipt from me or an answer to your question--re-send your mail.
    Get your receipt before the deadline, or you'll get a 0 or late penalty!
  2. Important links:
  3. Useful links:
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