MKE AlbumMKE Album: UWM Thomas A. Greene Memorial Museum

Name:UWM Thomas A. Greene Memorial Museum
Description:National Historic Landmark
Address:map link 3367 North Downer Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Coordinates:43.078527, -87.877986 (front on N Downer Ave)
Place Area:eastside
Place Type:public museum school
Web Site:Web site
Nearby:(A) UWM Thomas A. Greene Memorial Museum front on N Downer Ave
57 metersSWto(B) UWM Merrill Hall / Milwaukee-Downer Quad
253 metersSWto(C) UWM Library
310 metersS to(D) UWM Mitchell Hall
356 metersW to(E) UWM Sandburg Halls
464 metersSWto(F) UWM Lubar Hall
476 metersSWto(G) UWM Architecture and Urban Planning
492 metersSWto(H) UWM Student Union
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