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Description: bicycle, jogging, hiking, walking, multi-use pathway, sidewalk, or stairs; see also the riverwalk place type

map of path locations in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Path locations in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

(A) Milwaukee River Greenway (in development), near 2134 N Riverboat Rd
(B) Booth Street Stairs, near 2000 N Booth St
(C) Vine Street Stairs, near 400 E Vine St
(D) Ogden Ave Stairs, near 1299 E Ogden Ave
(E) Three Bridges Park, near 3700 W Pierce St
(F) Urban Ecology Center / Valley Passage, near 3701 W Pierce St
(G) Kinnickinnic River Trail--North Segment, near 280 E Washington St
(H) Kinnickinnic River Trail--South Segment, near 120 E Lincoln Ave

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